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30th April 2014

Newslink Interview: Xchanging-providing a global platform adapted for local markets

Insurance Newslink recently dropped into Xchanging to catch up with Adrian Guttridge, executive director, Insurance, to hear more about the company’s global Business Processing Outsourcing(BPO) strategy. Guttridge joined Xchanging in December 2012 from HP, answers directly to group ceo Ken Lever, and has overseen a continuing stream of new services off the production line.
Whilst new offerings such as the company’s growing mobility services through prize-winning X-presso to e-placing(working with Web Connectivity) have been initially launched through its established London Market presence, Xchanging's ongoing wider strategy is to provide a global utility platform for many of Xchanging's services, adapted for mature and developing markets around the world. The insurance world is increasingly becoming 24x7 with major players widening their presence into new countries seeking consistency from technology-enabled services.
Xchanging is well placed to implement a global strategy. It already operates in 40 countries with a presence in 10 of them. Guttridge highlighted the US, which has 50% of the BPO market, as a key opportunity. The company has 150 staff based there with over 1,000 globally supporting over 150 clients. A lot of interest is being shown in the range of Xchanging’s offerings-X-presso for mobile claims processing for large insurers and captives is a focus, and Netsett is regarded as a global product.
AsiaPacific is also a significant target for Xchanging where the company has over 4,500 staff in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Guttridge sees Singapore as the gateway to AsiaPac, a significant insurance hub with 18 management agents and major brokers-Xchanging has 150 staff there, a new insurance sales manager, and opened a second office in January. Staff in India provide support services, and presence in Kuala Lumpur is growing. In Australia, Xchanging is handling workers’ compensation claims.
As a global BPO specialist, Guttridge says Xchanging is “agnostic” as regards partners. They have chosen Xuber solutions from the group software stable in Australia and also for Xchanging Claims Services(XCS) in the London Market, but will continue to be independent in their choice of partners globally.
Finally, Guttridge emphasized that the London Market remains as important as ever to Xchanging, even though there will be fewer mandated services there in the future. Insurance Newslink will be keeping in touch with Xchanging’s exciting global progress.