Business Benefits of the OnlyStrategic Newslink Platform

The purpose of the Newslink service from OnlyStrategic is to summarise concisely the significant global news and information from the Banking and Insurance sectors.

This page focuses on the additional business benefits available from our new website.

Financial Newslink - the combination of banking and insurance information

We have added a new service, Financial Newslink. This provides those with interests in aspects of banking and insurance access to both banking and insurance datasets. For example if your responsibilities or interests involve wealth management, asset management, fund & investment management and bancassurance you may find this useful. Many sales and external facing staff may also wish to see the wider view offered

Two powerful forms of Searching

Home Page - fast Search

The search box on the home page will search for whatever words you enter anywhere in the headline or the body of the article. Entering Standard Life into the box will look for that phrase, the two words adjacent to each other, retrieving for example all mentions of the insurer, Standard Life. Entering Standard, Life with the comma separator, will find articles with the two words even when they are not adjacent, for example retrieving articles with Standard Chartered Bank and life insurance as well as retrieving articles with the insurer Standard Life.

Advanced Search

Select search from the main menu or use the option at the bottom of the blue box on the home page. The advanced search allows you to select any combination of:

  • Dataset - currently Banking or Insurance
  • Date range - between any two dates
  • Company- Select specific Bank(s), Insurer(s) or other organisation(s)
  • Region and Country Markets
  • Within Insurance select from specific indexed topics and IT trends
  • Within Banking select from specific indexed topics and sectors

Save your favourite searches

You can save favourite searches and load them another time. The save and load options appear at the bottom left of the search page.


Build a report to view, print or email

  • Click the +report icon in the headings column or above an article to save the article to your report
  • You can name your report and load it in a later session by using the blue bar that appears above each article you view. The active report name will appear at the top right of the page with the number of articles it contains.
  • Click on the report name in the top right of your screen to view the active report or click REPORT in the main menu to load an existing report, and then click the name. When viewing a report you will see options to email or print the report. The email will be sent to your registered email address.

We hope you enjoy our new web service.

If you have any questions regarding how to use the new service please select SUPPORT from the main menu