8th December 2023

PwC UK announce partnership with Starling

PwC has announced a strategic alliance with Engine by Starling, the software-as-a-service(SaaS)
subsidiary of Starling Bank, the UK digital bank.

The alliance positions PwC as the first strategic implementation partner of this next-generation
banking platform, and will enable the professional services firm to enhance its digital banking offering to clients in multiple regions around the globe.

Alex Price, Digital Platforms Director, PwC UK said:

“We are thrilled to announce the alliance with Engine-it will transform the digital banking services we can offer clients. Engine provides a generational-leap forward for digital banking technology in terms of both customer
and employee experiences. Combining our deep expertise with this cutting-edge technology is an exciting shift in the way that we solve complex problems for our clients.”

Steve Davies, Digital Banking Lead, PwC UK said:

"bY forming an alliance with Engine, we
can offer an even greater range of technology-enabled solutions to help clients deliver high quality digital banking to their customers and remarkable employee experiences, while also saving costs and driving up productivity. By expanding our existing capability to include Engine, we are continuing to be at the forefront of the latest digital banking technology innovation.”

Sam Everington, ceo, Engine by Starling said: “Partnering with PwC will be crucial in helping to deliver Engine, our cutting-edge digital banking platform, to customers around the world. PwC combines an incredible breadth of
strategic knowledge with hands-on experience driving business model transformations using the Engine platform.”

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