3rd October 2023

Digital Identity Verification Checks to pass the 7bn mark in 2024, as businesses prioritise Fraud Prevention

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the number of digital identity verification checks will surpass 70bn in 2024; growing 16% on the previous year’s number of 61bn.

This growth is being driven by businesses adopting stronger biometric verification methods to combat account takeover and card-not-present fraud. Biometric verification methods are highly effective against these kinds of fraud, with liveness checks being utilised to prevent spoofing.

Juniper Research forecasts that banking will see the largest volume of checks, with 37bn in 2024; equating to 53% of the global identity verification market. The report found that the continued popularity of digital-only banks is driving this growth, as these banks by their nature are reliant on digital identity verification checks; catalysing growth across the banking sector, as traditional banks play catch-up. Identity verification vendors must partner with core banking system providers to enable services to be accessed easily, or they will lose out to better-connected competitors.

Juniper Research highlighted the importance of passive checks, along with biometric verification, to strengthen security and improve user experience.Report author Michael Greenwood added:

“The real strength of facial recognition is the additional checks that can be added. Layering age estimation on top of facial recognition allows verification to be tail
ored to the client’s needs. Verification systems that can perform multiple checks in one step offer a significantly stronger user experience than legacy systems, and will become commonplace over the next few years.”

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