15th September 2021

In the run-up to the anniversary to 9/11, RMS released a retrospective blog and white paper

The blog from Shruti Deshmukh, RMS product manager of Global Terrorism and Human Casualty models, entitled “Twenty Years Since 9/11: Living With an Ever-Present Threat” has been posted on rms.com
This blog supports the newly-launched "The Lasting Impacts of 9/11 on the Insurance Industry" white paper. It starts by examining how the insurance industry responded after 9/11- through withdrawing coverage and the establishment of government risk pools, at a time when terror risk was largely unmodelled. Dashbukh outlines how RMS pioneered new approaches to terrorism risk modelling, and how the principles established nearly 20 years ago still stand firm today. The blog looks at how the risk landscape has changed, and how terrorism has systemic risk potential, as seen during 9/11.
It concludes with a call to the industry to further their efforts to understand how the terror threat is ever-present, shifting and changing. The threat has also become more complex as the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread emergence of cyber risk raise questions about how capabilities and motivations have shifted to leverage such new forms of attack.

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