15th May 2019

Charles Taylor InsureTech launches suite of digital insurance solutions to the UK broking and distribution market at BIBA19

Charles Taylor InsureTech is launching its suite of digital insurance solutions to the UK broking and distribution market at BIBA19.
Traditionally brokers and insurance businesses have faced challenges with key data being kept in multiple locations including emails, bordereaux and disparate systems. This leads to high levels of manual rework, errors and access to only small portions of the submitted data. Charles Taylor InsureTech’s global solutions have been designed to address these issues and enable brokers and insurance businesses to capture data at source digitally and as a result increase efficiency, drive distribution and have real time insight into their business.
Smartix is new to the UK market and is an intuitive, scalable portal solution which allows insurance businesses to transact online. Speed to market and the agility to make alterations to an inflight program are two of the key features of the solution. Smartix also represents the start of the digital journey by capturing risk data at source and transporting it through the lifecycle with minimum human intervention.
Tide enables insurance business to manage their delegated authority business more efficiently. It is a cloud-based platform which delivers a centralised bordereaux transformation, processing and repository solution, ensuring delegated authority data is received on time in a complete, standardised and compliant format. Tide is the solution that is powering the London Market Target Operating Model DA SATS programme.
Kcenter is an intuitive, scalable and robust process automation and document management solution that can be configured to individual business requirements. This in turn reduces overheads, minimises bottlenecks and enhances productivity by optimising business processes.
Jason Sahota, ceo of Charles Taylor InsureTech, comments “It is well documented that the entire insurance eco system are facing challenges to their business models. The need to begin to digitise the entire supply chain ensuring enhanced user experiences for clients and their customers is vital. Having listened to our clients we have been investing in solutions that can be configured to support this digital journey. I am excited to bring these solutions to the UK market at BIBA.”

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