11th December 2018

Millennium BCP is making the branch of the future a reality

After a review of its large branch network, which led to some closure and relocation of branches, Millennium BCP was determined to use the review as an opportunity to create a new kind of customer-centric branch format for the future. To help the bank achieve this goal is, Millennium has chaosen Auriga to provide the software to deliver the right customer experiences within new state-of-the-art branches.

This analysis culminated in the team developing a new concept for the bank branch of the future. Millennium realised the key was changing the role of the staff in the bank. With all treasury functions taking place on self-service devices, staff are freed up to look after customers and help them with more complex and personalised requests.

Sergio Magalhães, Director of the Branch of the Future Department, said: “As we remodelled our branches, we were thinking about how we could transform the customer experience, so we looked into our customers’ reasons for using our branch services. We asked many questions, such as ‘Why do they still need to come into branches?’, ‘Why do they need to take out or deposit cash?’ and ‘How would they be affected by a branch closure?’”

Millennium BCP uses Auriga’s WWS suite to create a tightly integrated digital platform for running its next generation branches. Staff can use tablet computers to get full visibility of how customers are using branch services and use these insights to engage with customers productively in-branch. There is a central console for managing and checking the performance of all the devices, enabling the bank to ensure it is delivering the best possible services and troubleshooting any issues.

Mr Magalhães said that Auriga is playing a significant role in how the bank fulfils its plans for new kind of branch banking. “We have a close partnership with Auriga, one that is a win-win for both of us. Auriga sees us as something of a challenger bank in that we are constantly approaching them with new requirements. In return they give us the opportunity to try out Auriga’s ideas for how to deliver better customer banking experiences.”