22nd November 2023

Insurance Europe to publish pan-European pension survey on 28th November

There is only one week to go before the start of the third annual European Retirement Week. The Week, organised by 14 European associations, will discuss the pension challenge in Europe and explore solutions, whilst raising awareness of the need to save for retirement.
Due to demographic change the old-age dependency ration— the number of people aged 65 and over relative to those aged 20 to 64—is expected to double between 2023 and 2080. As a result, with fewer people paying into pension systems and more dependent on pension revenue, it is becoming increasingly challenging for governments to ensure pension adequacy for all. The Week will therefore reflect on the challenges and explore solutions to further develop sustainable pensions systems that adequately protect people throughout their retirement.
The series of debates and discussions include:
-Wake up to the pension challenge—r esults of Insurance -Europe’s pan-European pension survey
-Are Europeans saving for their retirement? How is the current economic environment impacting people’s pension planning? How confident are people that they will have a comfortable standard of living during retirement?
These and other questions will be discussed during a webinar, where Insurance Europe will also present the results of its third Pan-European Pension Survey. The Survey of thousands of citizens will take the pulse on the challenges facing pensions across 15 European countries.

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