5th November 2023

Seven Country Missions completed successfully as part of Phase 1 Programme for Anticipatory Action and Disaster Risk Reduction-IDF

The Insurance Development Forum IDF), a public-private partnership led by the insurance industry and co-chaired by the UN, the World Bank, and other international organisations, has announced the results of its Anticipatory Action(AA) and Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR) Initiative, in partnership with MapAction and Start Network.
As climate change threatens all countries, communities and people around the world, increased adaptation action as well as enhanced efforts to avert, minimise and address loss and damage are urgently needed to reduce and respond to increasing impacts, particularly for those who are least prepared for change and least able to recover from disasters.
Launched in 2021 to accelerate anticipatory action and risk reduction in seven crisis-vulnerable countries with the aim of reducing the impact of disasters on individuals and communities, Phase 1 of the AA and DRR programme delivered clear impacts, setting the stage for further ambition and scale in upcoming Phase 2.
The initiative also represents the IDF’s and Start Network’s commitment to the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP), of which they are members, and is managed under the IDF’s Disaster Risk Reduction programme.
Anticipatory Action and Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative: Phase 1 Highlights:
-7 country missions complete
-13 MapAction Geospatial Information Management(GIM) experts engaged
-Over 150 community leaders trained in GIM
-Progress made on 7 critical data projects
During Phase 1, MapAction and Start Network worked in close collaboration with local partners in Nepal, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Senegal, and Madagascar to build capacity, and break down both technical and process barriers in the use of GIM.
Building trust and exploring the GIM vista in each country has revealed a wide range of opportunities and enabled collaborative work to address tactical data issues that affect anticipatory action and DRR projects across these seven countries.
A significant part of the work undertaken in Phase 1 was the delivery of GIS training for AA and DRR professionals. This has been well received and there is keen appetite for further bespoke training. This effort is supported and funded by the IDF through seven member companies: AON, AXA, AXIS Capital, Milliman, Swiss Re Foundation, WTW, and Zurich Insurance.

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