20th September 2023

Lloyd’s Market Association launches ESG Academy

The Lloyd’s Market Association(LMA) has announced the launch of its Environmental, Social and Governance(ESG) Academy, designed for professionals within the Lloyd's Market and the global (re)insurance sector. Developed in collaboration with market leading external ESG advisors including the Better Insurance Network, the LMA ESG Academy represents a significant milestone in the insurance sector's journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future.
With a comprehensive range of courses and resources, the ESG Academy will equip professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the evolving ESG landscape, risk management and the implications for the Lloyd’s Market. Delivered across three unique learning pathways, courses are designed to equip (re)insurance professionals at any level with a practical grounding in sustainability, along with facilitator-led courses for practitioners and senior leaders seeking deeper knowledge.
The Academy's courses will be accessible online, virtually and in-person, ensuring flexibility and convenience for participants.
Andrew Oakley, head of LMA Academy, said: “The launch of the LMA ESG Academy is a testament to the LMA’s commitment to ensure the market is equipped to employ sustainable and responsible business practices. As the importance of ESG considerations continues to grow, professionals in the industry now have access to specialised ESG training sessions to stay ahead of the curve and drive positive change within their organisations.”
Paul Davenport, LMA’s Finance & Risk firector, added: “The Academy underscores our dedication to fostering a culture of sustainability and responsible governance across the Lloyd’s Market and the broader (re)insurance sector. Our collaboration with market leading ESG advisors ensures that we are at the forefront of ESG education, empowering professionals with the skills required to keep pace with fast-moving regulation and industry best practices.”
Fiona Temple, LMA’s HR, Academy and Communications director, commented: “This initiative comes at a pivotal moment for sustainability on the world’s stage and within our industry. In an increasingly ESG-conscious marketplace, equipping our members with the knowledge they need to navigate the road ahead is our top priority–whether it is building practical foundations for sustainability and engagement, or gaining more in-depth insights on ESG reporting, disclosures and assurance.”

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