20th September 2023

PoloWorks launches new digital division

PoloWorks has launched its new digital market offering, Polo Digital, to support Blueprint 2 and the digitisation of the London Market.
Polo, which is the trading name of Polo Managing Agency(PMA) and Polo Commercial Insurance Services(PCIS), said that this new service will allow its clients to access a wide range of AI supported digital solutions that involve the creation, storage, transformation, and management of underwriting data sets, through Digitisation as a Service(DaaS).
“Data integration services are crucial for businesses looking to gain holistic insights from their data,” said Paul Andrews, PoloWorks and Polo Managing Agency ceo. “Our new offering will help organisations efficiently capture data, combing it from different sources to create a unified view, a vital step in enabling them to meet the challenging requirements of Blueprint 2 market modernisation.
It is our intention that Polo Digital will create data services which will continue to evolve with market technological advancements, enabling businesses and individuals to harness the power of data for innovation, efficiency, and decision-making in the digital age.”
Polo Digital was launched this week in order to bring artificial intelligence technology to Polo’s underwriting and broking clients to support and underpin the Blueprint 2 initiative, integrate the use of the Market Reform Contact version 3 and meet the needs of the broking and insurer community to support accurate data entry needed to reap the benefits of a core data record.
Polo Digital will become part of PoloWork’s services arm, Polo Commercial Insurance Services, and will be headed up by Richard Lawson, who is ceo.
“As a major provider of risk capture and exposure management services to the London Market, it became apparent in conversations with our clients that digitisation of these business-critical services was key for them and Polo.
We have been working on optimising our services to provide digital solutions delivered by subject matter experts at Polo Digital. We are very much aware that going forward, brokers will need more full-time support or as the market transitions into the various modernisation initiatives to come.” said Lawson.

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