17th September 2023

IDF Implementation Progress Update: Medellín Flood, Landslide and Earthquake Protection

The Insurance Development Forum is today pleased to share an implementation update following the conclusion of the two-year Medellín Tripartite Project in Colombia. The risk industry team involved reflects on the project’s outcome, the challenges they overcame, and how the knowledge they gained on the way can help future resilience programmes.
With these learnings providing several opportunities for furthering the development of a new parametric product in a still growing market, the project has also helped strengthen links between the insurance sector and the needs of the district.
The IDF is delighted that the product development under the Medellín Project, which is the first ISF funded implementation project under the Tripartite Agreement has been concluded. The IDF and partners are planning to share additional perspectives and potential next steps under the Tripartite Agreement overall in the context of COP28.

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