10th September 2023

SCOR takes a step forward to fully benefit from the most supportive market environment in the past two decades

As the world continues to undergo fundamental changes, risks are multiplying, and intensifying, creating unprecedented challenges for societies. This rapidly evolving risk landscape has led to a growing demand for protection, and to favourable market conditions for reinsurers. At the same time, the increase in both P&C reinsurance rates and interest rates is expected to support reinsurers’ margins.
In such an environment, SCOR is well placed to seize market opportunities, benefiting from its leading global franchise, strong balance sheet, and differentiating in-house expertise. Forward 2026 the heart of the Group’s raison d’être.
Forward 2026 sets two ambitious and equally weighted targets over the duration of the plan:
-A financial target: an Economic Value growth rate of 9% per annum, at constant interest and foreign exchange rates.
-A solvency target: a solvency ratio in the optimal 185% to 220% range. The Group aims to maintain a AA-level of security for its clients.
With Forward 2026, SCOR will drive value creation for its shareholders, clients, employees, and for society as a whole. The Group maintains a controlled risk appetite and disciplined underwriting as it acts on business opportunities created by the supportive market conditions, fueling growth on its diversified and equally weighted P&C and L&H portfolios.

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