10th September 2023

Allianz announces first net-zero transition plan with 2030 intermediate targets for core business segments

Highlights are:
-Scaling renewable energy and low-carbon technology: Allianz to profitably grow revenues from transition solutions in commercial insurance portfolio by 150% and provide additional investments of E20bn by 2030
-Intermediate targets accelerate reduction of emissions in Property & Casualty(P&C) insurance portfolios: targeted carbon emission reduction of 30% for retail motor segment and greenhouse gas GHG) emission intensity reduction of 45% in commercial insurance segment by 2030
-Investment portfolio overachieved 2025 GHG emission reduction target and is now targeting to halve the level of GHG emissions by 2030
-Encourage net-zero transition: Allianz reinforces its goal to drive decarbonisation together with its customers, partners and policymakers

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