6th September 2023

Polo Managing Agency teams with DXC Technology to offer customers new end-to-end insurance service in line with Blueprint Two digitisation

Polo Managing Agency(PMA), one of two independent Lloyd’s turn-key Managing Agencies has announced a new relationship with DXC Technology which allows PMA’s customers to benefit from DXC’s artificial intelligence and machine learning powered solutions.
The collaboration means PMA can now offer its customers DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty cloud solution, an API and microservice-oriented platform delivering end-to-end insurance services.
“As the market embraces digitisation and the integration of new technological initiatives, Polo’s partnership with DXC places us in the best possible position to adopt and integrate modern technology and the emerging wave of machine learning initiatives starting to appear in our market,” said Paul Andrews, ceo of PoloWorks and Polo Managing Agency.
The DXC Assure solution aligns with Blueprint Two, Lloyd’s modernisation strategy, which requires carriers to implement changes that drive digitisation and meet specific requirements by the end of 2024. DXC Assure addresses the challenges faced by insurers looking to streamline processes whilst still managing IT expenditures. It will provide cost-effective solutions, allowing economies of scale for PMA’s managed syndicates and help support the Lloyd’s market. The platform provides the user with both a modern and visually engaging experience.
DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty will help PMA meet both the customers’ needs and support the continued growth of its turn-key managing agency, including its latest Wildfire SIAB, Syndicate 1996. By implementing DXC Assure as a service, PMA’s customers can save costs and time associated with acquiring, managing, and maintaining hardware and software.
Mark Broadhurst, managing Ddrector Insurance Europe of DXC Technology said: “We are delighted to work closely with PoloWorks. This service will allow their customers in the London Market to access a cost-effective and cutting-edge solution that will help them implement and reap the benefits of Blueprint Two”.

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