11th September 2022

AEGIS selects Sapiens to automate and modernise its reinsurance processes

Sapiens International Corporation has announced that AEGIS, a leading mutual insurance company, has selected Sapiens ReinsurancePro to enhance their internal controls processes, automated calculations and reporting. Sapiens ReinsurancePro replaces AEGIS’ complex combination of disparate custom applications and spreadsheets to streamline and optimize processes.
“Implementing Sapiens Reinsurance solution will help us manage the increasing volume and complexity of our ceded reinsurance strategy and quickly respond to new reinsurance offerings,” said Scott Schenker, AEGIS senior vp & cio. “Sapiens’ solution stands out in the industry for its proven ability to automate complex reinsurance requirements and improve efficiency. The solution will expand our capabilities to manage complex structures and total capacity, within a competitive cost structure.”
“We are very pleased to empower AEGIS in their quest for full financial control of the reinsurance processes and to enable them to increase efficiency by streamlining the process,” said Jamie Yoder, Sapiens North America president & general manager. “Our platform enables AEGIS to take ownership of their data and proactively conduct analysis on that data instead of relying on IT or external parties, so they can better serve their customers.”

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