22nd May 2022

Guidewire Elysian release accelerates insurers’ speed to market

Guidewire has announced Elysian, the latest in a series of market-defining cloud releases. Elysian innovations equip insurers to quickly connect third-party apps, including InsurTech solutions, with Integration Gateway, launch lines of business fast with Guidewire GO and Advanced Product Designer(APD), and expand distribution with a new Embedded Insurance Solution for travel.
Elysian reduces integration complexity and increases developer efficiency with Integration Gateway, a cloud micro-service that externalises integration logic and orchestrates calls to and from InsuranceSuite and third-party applications, making it easier to integrate with 170+ partner apps on the Guidewire Marketplace.
“The cost and time required to integrate core systems with third-party apps significantly impacts speed to market. Integration Gateway sets a new bar for openness and reinvents how easy it is for developers to integrate to Guidewire,” said Diego Devalle, chief product development officer at Guidewire.
Elysian accelerates speed to market with expanded country-specific content across lines of business now available in Guidewire GO, a library of pre-packaged product definitions to jump-start the product design process. Guidewire GO content is available for download from the Guidewire Marketplace:
-Underwrite risk flexibly with new commercial lines content and messaging integration for the London Market.
-Process claims efficiently in the French motor market with full IRSA, IRCA, and bodily injury support, including allocation of claims, real-time asynchronous messaging, and payment processing.
-Excel in the Australian personal motor market with full support of regional addresses, currency, product structures, data models and rules, and regulatory data and tax collection.
-Launch products quickly with 1,000+ ISO SBT updates. Reduce product configuration and maintenance effort with new AAIS Commercial Inland Marine products for insurers in North America.
-Implement farm insurance in the US market up to twice as fast with a new GO Product for InsuranceNow.
Elysian features enhancements to APD, a visual configuration cloud service for product model definition that supports the entire insurance lifecycle, simplifying configuration and accelerating product launches. Elysian adds new functionality that enables insurers with existing PolicyCenter LOBs to auto generate the creation of cloud-ready APIs and integration views that streamline the transition to Guidewire Cloud.
“Elysian demonstrates our continued investment in high-value industry content, expanding our insurance product library with new Guidewire GO out-of-the-box product lines and commercial, personal, and country-specific content to help insurers get to market faster,” said Eugene Lee, svp and general manager at Guidewire.

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